Ashfield House Wedding Photography

Neil Redfern Photography Workshop at Ashfield House

This is the very blog post from Cath Prescott Photography, having recently rebranded from CPD Film & Photography - here goes! 

The one thing you should never ever do is stop aspiring to be the best that you can, and when you get a craving to learn new photography skills and techniques you find that inspirational person to help you do just that. I had the great pleasure of attending one of Neil Redfern's photography workshops at Ashfield House at the beginning of March. I have always admired Neil's work; he has a seriously mind-blowing imagination, and an ability to create a work of art even in the most uninspiring of situations. Thankfully for the rest of us Neil doesn't believe in keeping his secrets to himself, and I'm sure that everyone who has attended one of Neil's courses has, like myself, come away with a whole new perspective on a wine bottle... or a floor tile...  or a beer pump... I'm already finding myself looking at inanimate objects and wondering if there's a 'canvas print above the fireplace' shot just waiting for me to take advantage of it!

Thanks to Neil for the inspiration and fabulous presentation, and to new friendships formed with other photographers that day. Here are just a few of my own images.

HUGE thanks go not only to Neil, but to the models, MUA, and the venue - you were all AMAZING!

Models - Louisa Latham, Bethany Cammack, and Ky Ambrose

MUA - Sonara Parker

Venue - Ashfield House, Lancashire