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The Story of Harry // From Bump to Christening

I'd known new mum Chloe for many years, so when she asked me to document her pregnancy through to baby Harry's Christening I was over the moon. I can't say Chloe's maternity photo shoot was without some nerves; it was something I'd never done, and I was absolutely determined to make a really good job of it! We realised the most relaxed environment for the shoot would be Chloe and Kallum's house - I can only apologise for the amount of furniture I moved around that day, and assure you that I put it all back in the right place when we'd finished!

I later met up with Chloe, Kallum and the very new and utterly gorgeous baby Harry just days after he was born, this time at Chloe's parents beautiful farm house. Harry was as good as gold, even though the excitement inevitably meant there was no chance he was going to go to sleep and miss something! 

A couple of months later and I found myself surrounded by Chloe, Kallum and Harry's fabulous family at Hayton Church, ready to photograph Harry's Christening. Thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome, both during the service and at the celebrations afterwards.

It's been a real honour and pleasure to capture the early stages of Harry's life. Chloe and Kallum are naturally brilliant parents and he's so lucky to have been born into such a lovely family.

Hope you enjoy this small selection of images!